Oikia Karapanou

How to come to Aegina 

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How to come to Oikia Karapanou

Oikia Karapanou is about 4 km away from the harbour. Any taxi will know how to get you there.

If you are driving, turn right at the harbour exit, pass in front of all the shops and cafes and continue straight ahead, with the sea on your right hand, for about 3 km. You will see a small chapel by the sea. Across the chapel is a main road,​ at a right angle to the one you are on. Turn left into this road and drive on for about 500 meters, pass in front of a small garage on your right and 50 meters further up, just before an old gate opening on a pine tree wood, turn left into a tiny road. Drive to the end of this road and pass in between two stone pillars: you have arrived. Beware of the cats and dogs, they are friendly but easy to run over!