Oikia Karapanou

Our values

Oikia Karapanou came into our hands as a wonderful gift from Life. Thus we in turn decided  to offer her... to Life. We decided to dedicate Oikia to the nurture of relationships – our relationship to ourselves, our relationship to others, our relationship to our environment and to all that lives. 

The word "oikia", house in greek, is at the root of such words  as "ecosystem", "ecology".​

To learn how to live in harmony in our common house,  planet Earth.

To learn how to live in harmony in our own intimate house, our self.

One cannot be without the other. Life is one.

We feel that our mission, Oikia's mission, is to honour this unity. To encourage reconnection. It is nurtured by our love for Life, our sorrow before the wounds we inflict on her. 

Thanks to the workshops that we host and organize, and with our own hard work, we have managed to keep up with the demanding maintenance of the house and gardens. In that way this rare place, originally intended to be enjoyed only by a privileged few, is now accessible to all. 

However, beyond our professional activity, we initiate and support on a voluntary basis many  events and initiatives  aiming towards the same goal, of reinforcing collective awareness and the respect for Life. 

When it was founded in 1995, Oikia was the first seminar centre for personal – and interpersonal – growth to open in Greece. Our role is truly pioneering. From Oikia have stemmed various methods and ways of thought, in self-knowledge, education, therapy, and psychosomatic awareness that are now an inseparable part of the alternative sector in Greece. 

And as this sector, unfortunately, is constantly corrupted and increasingly laid on the altar of consumerism, we are focusing our attention more and more on guaranteeing genuine quality and purity, as much in our programmes, as in our ethics. ​