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with Daphne, Iris Nais, Itay Yatuv

April 7 - April 13

A week of immersion into our dancing bodies and the nature of Aegina.

Open for body people who love to move.

We will explore contact improvisation with Itay Yatuv and meet our body in nature with Iris Nais

There will be live music accompanying our process.

Come, join, and let's dive into our dance together.

The nature of our dance

Itay's morning classes will be held in our outdoor dancing space. With Iris we will take our dance to the hills, trees and sea of Aegina. We will meet intimately with our mother earth, with our inner being and with each other.

The Programme

We will start each day with a morning class of CI followed by a light vegetarian lunch and rest. In the afternoon session we will dive into our bodies and the nature of Aegina, to practice improvisation and Presence. The evenings will be open for jams, music and fire under the stars.

Itay Yatuv

Itay has been practising and teaching contact improvisation (CI) worldwide for the last 20 years. Itay trained as a contemporary dancer in New York, Italy, and Israel; then went on to choreograph and lead several international projects of improvisational performances. Itay has been training in Aikido for the past ten years, a practice he integrates into his CI research.

Iris Nais

"Now my studio is nature and my teachers are the trees, the sand, the sea and the stones in the face of the changing movements of the wind"

Iris Nais is a movement artist, creator and teacher throughout Israel and for the past 25 years. In Israel Iris danced in the Batsheva Ensemble and worked alongside Ohad Naharin as a rehearsal director . A student of Anna Halperin, she teaches contemplative dance and deep immersion into our moving bodies and the moving Earth.

More info and registration: https://nevouri.wixsite.com/website-3/fallingtobalance

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