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A residence from older times
to build for times to come.

On the island of Aegina, only an hour by boat from Athens, Oikia Karapanou is a beautiful mansion from the 19th century, surrounded by a huge garden close to the sea. It has been restored to provide an atmosphere of peace and inspiration, an oasis on the soul's journeys. Oikia hosts and organises workshops, retreats, trainings, art residencies and all kinds of events aiming at a happier, more conscious life on Earth.


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April 3 - April 7


A Mindfulness Retreat with Monastics from Plum Village

We have the great joy and honour to announce that this spring, 4 monks and 3 nuns will come all the way by van from Plum Village in France to offer us a 4-day long Mindfulness Retreat.

The retreat is open to all publics and all ages, seasoned practitioners as much as newcomers to mindfulness. Ongoing through the retreat there will be a special Wake Up section, specifically addressed to young adults up to 35 years old.

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May 30 - June 5


A Gathering of Palestinian and Israeli people, rooted in body-based practices

In English

We have initiated this Gathering, believing in the ripple effects of small, good action, in healing the divide between individuals and nationalities. Together, we can go a long way.

This is a heartfelt invitation to Israelis and Palestinians, to come together, witness, listen, and acknowledge one another’s pain; give room to needs, emotions and stories; create threads of connection.

Using practices of movement, sharing and listening, somatic healing and grief work, we will move and be moved together.

We are creating a bravely safe space to meet, with our bodies before our minds and with movement before discussion.

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To donate HERE

Your contributions are SO valuable to us. By donating a few dollars, euros, shekels, dinars, you will help:

✪ Funding Visas for participants joining us from the West Bank.

✪ Providing scholarships to individuals from a low-income background, so that they can travel to Greece and join our Gathering.

✪ Covering the expenses of the facilitating team: amazing individuals who are volunteering their precious time, energy and gifts, Uniting in our Humanity for a greater cause: to sow seeds of understanding and compassion between individuals from Israel/Palestine (You can see their bios by visiting our webpage).

In Gratitude, and Love

October 16 - October 20

VOICE WORKSHOP - "Singing beyond music"

with Ulrik Barfod from the Roy Hart Theater
VOICE WORKSHOP - "Singing beyond music"

The voice is the muscle of the soul.

An in-depth workshop for freeing and developing our voice. Through breathing, movement, voice exercises, and improvisation, and thanks to Ulrik Barfod's perceptive, powerful and ever so delicate touch, we will be guided in the empowerment of our inner being through discovering and strengthening our own unique voice.

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The Space

The Space

Oikia is above all a house with a soul. Somehow the essence of a house, surrounded by an enchanted garden. Nothing here is formal, nothing is standardised. We are not a hotel, nor a seminar factory. Oikia is a real house. Simple, spacious, poetic, refined. A place where guests often tell us that they feel as if they have finally arrived home.
« Oikia » (pronounced ee-kee-ah), means "residence" in greek and is at the root of such words as ecosystem, ecology.


The Story

The Story

Oikia Karapanou came into our hands as a miraculous gift from life. Thus we in turn decided to offer her to Life. We committed to dedicate Oikia to the cultivation of a more conscious, more loving and more deeply adventurous life, nurturing the interconnectedness between all living beings, ever opening to the great mystery of existence.

Founded in 1995 Oikia was the first holistic center in Greece. Since then our constant work towards running and maintaining it has been the blessed and demanding ground for our own inner journey.

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The Programme

The Programme

Our main activity at Oikia runs from March to November, during which season we host a constant flow of workshops, retreats, events and gatherings. Our calendar fills up quickly so if you are interested in booking a space please do so fairly early.
Those last years most of our spring and summer programs are organised and run by a wide and constantly growing family of guest contributors, while at chosen times we also run Oikia’s own offerings, such as SOAR, the Gionis Week, the Present Moment and more, most of them on a voluntary basis.

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