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Aegina Island

About the island

The island of Aegina is very alive and full of charm. Its wide horizons are suffused with Attic light, where sunshine-filled days are passed in the sea, on the beaches, and enjoying the atmosphere of the lively tavernas, cafés and nightlife.

The port, just three kilometers from the Oikia, is fronted by beautiful neoclassical houses whose balconies overlook the harbour and its vibrant social life. Zorba the Greek was written here by the famous author Kazantzakis who chose Aegina as his home from 1931 to 1946 – contributing to the aura of its intellectual, artistic and cultural life. He wrote, in 1933: "Divine are the days here…".

About the island
About the island

Apart from the beaches, which are fairly modest compared to the famous greek beach archetype, Aegina is very rich in enchanting walks, along the extended network of footpaths maintained by the local community and running through the most beautiful places of the island. There is a wealth of interesting places to visit, such as:

  • the temple of Aphaia built at the time of the Parthenon, and some would say, its rival, with its own attractive museum.
  • the charming museum at the ancient site of Kolonna.
  • The Greek Orthodox monastery of "Chrissoleontissa" perched high in the centre of the island.
  • The valley at the foot of Aegina's highest mountain topped with the remains of a sanctuary to Hellanios Zeus and a tiny chapel - with 1,000 year-old olive trees.
  • Agios Nektarios church, the second largest church in the Balkans.

... and many other delights and curiosities which we will be happy to help you discover for yourself.

How to get here

If you are on foot
Take the metro or the bus to the port of Piraeus. Go to gate E8, situated on the left of the square that is in the middle of the central harbour. Boats to Aegina go often, however beware of winter months where the last boats leave around 6pm. You will have the choice between a ferry, that will take 1:15 hour, and a hydrofoil, that will take 40 mn. We personally prefer the ferry, for slowing down and tuning in to the sea, the island views and the seagulls.
Once in Aegina take a taxi; all taxis know Oikia Karapanou. It is only a 5 mn drive. You can ask to go by the sea road, it is more beautiful and hardly more costly.

For boat informations: www.openseas.gr

If you are driving

Take the ferry at Gate E8 in Piraeus central port.
Arriving in Aegina, turn right at the harbour exit, pass in front of all the shops and cafes and continue straight ahead, with the sea on your right hand, for about 3 km. You will see a small chapel by the sea. Across the chapel is a main road, at a right angle to the one you are on. Turn left into this road and drive on for about 500 meters, pass in front of a small garage on your right and 50 meters further up, just before an old gate opening on a pine tree wood, turn left into a tiny road. Drive to the end of this road and pass in between two stone pillars: you have arrived. Beware of the cats and dogs, they are friendly but easy to run over!

Oikia Karapanou is about 3 km away from the port of Aegina.

How to get here