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The Conditions

We are happy to offer our space for any workshop, gathering, event or retreat that is conducted out of respect for all life, in line with our values.
Oikia’s essential purpose being to contribute to a healthier and happier world, we keep our fees as low and accessible as possible. Our quality/price ratio is unbeatable. Please contact us at aigina.oikia@gmail.com to find out the updated, detailed fees.

In a nutshell you have the following options:

About meals

About housekeeping

During a workshop housekeeping is generally cared for by the participants. We experience this as of great value in creating a sense of community and in establishing a grounded relation with Oikia as a home.
However, if that is your preference, we can help you hire the services of a person to clean the house as much and as often as you wish.

To receive the updated and detailed information about our fees, conditions and house rules, please contact us at aigina.oikia@gmail.com.